My prayer - Focus and Consistency

Today I just wanted to share one of my daily readings with you, I use this reading very often as an affirmation of what is possible
Be Blessed

God, I affirm, that all I need to succeed at anything I set out to accomplish, has already been made available to me. 

I affirm, that I know and stand in full awareness of my calling and purpose. 

I confess that until today, the focus, discipline and consistency required to co-create the life I desire to experience, has been deficient. 

I now ask to receive a full measure of supernatural focus, discipline and consistency, to bring completion to all incomplete cycles of action in my life. 

I am committed to making better choices in how I manage my time and energy.  

I am committed to practicing compassionate self-care and self-forgiveness.

I am committed to seizing the time and maximizing the moments I have been given, to co-create and manifest unlimit- ed possibilities for my life. 

I see myself focused! 
I see myself disciplined! 
I see myself practicing consis- tency!
I see myself embodying fullness of energy and commitment to my passions and purpose!
I see myself winning!

I forgive myself for judging myself so harshly.  I forgive myself, for not fully utilizing and maximizing the grace of time, talent and skill that has been gifted into my hands. I forgive myself for playing small and not stepping up as a star player in the game of life.

I stand grateful, that You, God, are the Universal Coach, whom has given me full access, rights and permission, to get off the bench and get back into the game of my life again!

Yes.  I accept.  Thank You.
 Rev. Manazerine Olujimi Baptiste

And so it is!


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