The Body Speaks

The body speaks. We just don’t listen until we get sick and have to start paying attention to what our bodies need. By that time illness has manifested so strongly within us it will take extreme dedication and perseverance to heal ourselves – and that will require major lifestyle changes. The biggest issue many of us will face is releasing our beliefs about food and self denial. Ignorance and denial about our unhealthy lifestyles and refusing to create change leads to a slow suicide and it is also a reflection of our own lack of self love. How to raise the vibration 

Rest is productive, that is something I truly believe. I say it often enough and sometimes aloud to convince myself to make it a priority.
Guilt is a waster emotion, that is something I truly believe. I say it often enough to ensure that I do not waste emotions.
Healing starts within by taking an inventory and facing up to the truth that the feedback in your life is showing you - and that is not usually an easy thing, easier to escape through pain killers, excuses, busyness, taking care of others, shopping, looking good on the outside and so on. 
Lifestyle changes require commitment, discipline, order, facing the truth, patience and most important self belief. I know that for sure. My lifestyle changes have all been decisions that I have made when I was open to face the truth and have patience. I lapse sometimes but I know it's a lapse and I love myself out of it. I chose to incorporate weekly exercise into my life, I chose to include meditation into my life, I chose to include rest into my life and one thing I have learnt is that decision is power!


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