Are you self approved?

Everything will line up perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than looking good. Alan Cohen, owner of the Florida Panthers

I've been suffering from the disease called the need to please! I wanted to please everyone, I wanted people to like me, to think I was cool. I'm not sure how I caught the disease but it was chronic! The disease I call it, reached a breaking point when I realised that I'm supposedly pleasing everyone and still they were moaning or unhappy and I was too. So the crap hit the fan when I realised wait, this isn't working! Now I am 100% self approved, I've learnt to put me first, to be authentic, be courageous, that's the only way I want to live! Its absolutely awesome having this sort of freedom! Once we give ourselves over to what we can or cannot do based on the expectations of others, we are no longer free.
So what did I learn?
It is not necessary that I lose my self-value or self-worth in order to be cool, be nice, please people. I am not required to sacrifice my own thoughts, feelings, ideals, needs and desires in order to support others in fulfilling their needs and desires. The Universe does not expect us to sacrifice who we are for those reasons! As Terri Cole wrote in her book What you think of me is none of my business! I am 100% self approved!



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