Feel the fear and do it anyway!!

Why are you afraid? What it’s gonna do? Scared that you may change? Isn’t that the truth? Who are you to say you’re not gonna win? How’d you ever know I if you just give in? Stand up! Natalie Stewart Poet

I was asked to give a lecture to 45 French participants on Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Totally outside my comfort zone and guess what? that's exactly where all the magic happens! ,I was looking forward to it and had to be there early to set up and be ready for my French adventure! The lecture was 2hours away by train and I booked a train which allowed me to get there about 30mins in advance. Guess what happened I missed the train! I was so mad at myself!! the next train would get me there 20mins after my lecture was about to begin!!

What a way to start the French adventure so would my new adventure starts off really as an escapde? What's the lesson here I keep asking myself? Wake up earlier? I woke up really really early so come again. Then I realised that I was scared about doing this lecture, what would they think, I've never done a lecture to an all foreign speaking crowd. I also learned that I can now choose how I respond to this set back of missing my train and to this fear! Feel the fear and do it anyway right?
I chose to look for the lesson and be positive. So I caught the later train took a nap on the two hour journey and decided that I'm gonna blow these Frenchie's away with the Trini charm!! And guess what I bloody did! Awesomness all round!!
I also made some really beautiful French friends ooh la la!!

So what did I learn today?
When presented with a problem assess the equation, select the solution that equates to completion. The only shortcut is that there aren’t any shortcuts. We all have to do what we have to do, and even when we don't it still registers as a choice. My biggest challenges leading to my greatest transitions. You breathe through anything it is, and keep things cool. If needed hit it up and burn the fools. You have nothing to lose. Nothing to fear. Behind your back you have the Spirit. Our largest responsibility is to remember not to forget that which is vital to be remembered. And what of the rest? Give thanks and be blessed.


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