What's the dream in YOU?

With this day comes the possibility for new joy. You can choose, right now, to embrace and fulfill that possibility, or you can choose to ignore it. With this day comes the opportunity to move forward, to get positive and useful and meaningful things done. You can grab that opportunity and run with it, or you can let it drain away. Ralph Marston

When I reflect on the lessons I learn from the extraordinary women I encounter I am always truly grateful. Yesterday I was thinking about my next move which is a giant leap of faith, moving to East Africa for an extended period of time to work with some phenomenal women and I started to get a little scared and then I remembered what she said " What do you believe is possible for you?" I stopped for a moment then I asked what do you mean? She said what do you BELIEVE about yourself and your possibilities"? I honestly could not answer because I never ever thought about it!

So what I have learnt is that you become what you believe, not what you wish, what you hope or what you want, what you BELIEVE! Its just that simple! Your beliefs manifests itself into your reality. So what's the dream in me? What do I believe is possible for me? I've learnt that God says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with me, it wasn't said some things are possible it was ALL things are possible if you believe!
Until you believe in something bigger than yourself you will always be stuck in mediocrity surrounded by mediocre people  because If you think small you live small, If you think small you draw small people to you!


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