Leave the pride home, love is stronger than pride!

receiving is a blessing, and at the bottom they are the same thing. When we can’t receive, we are people who, though fed, have malfunctioning digestive systems and therefore remain unnourished. Marianne Williamson from her book Enchanted Love

In the lessons I have learned up to now a common theme is that giving is a quality the successful adopt, they give freely expecting nothing in return. In my mind, I equated that to mean that receiving is a sign of weakness.(I learned that my perception is actually a load of rubbish now!) From that perception ,I have actually trained myself to not ask for help, not ask for anything as I thought that I will be viewed as weak and a failure! Oh well, guess what, when you need to develop a quality or learn something, the Universe places you in situations which does just that!

Over the past few months  and this week in particular, I have been placed in situations that I had to either ask or to receive with grace and I learnt that grace transforms things to a next level of life. Having had a secure job, house,car all the best material things that life had to offer, relationship, everything that society deems as you making it, I never had to ask a soul for a thing but now jeez! Its like the Universe just said time for you to learn to ask and to learn to receive!! Its also, a time where you see who are your real peeps! I have some wonderful, amazing and awesome peeps. I give thanks for them daily! One of them said to me quite openly leave the pride home, love is stronger than pride! You deserve it. I keep saying to myself I need to get myself together and make different choices because I chose to leave "it all behind" and be here. But I always return to what's the lesson here and I have learned that this is part of the journey to self love, do you believe that you deserve it?

So what did I learn today?
Each day offers me the opportunity to learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart. As I learn to receive more support and love from others, and begin loving myself intentionally, that’s when the real flow starts to happen. I don’t want to be like the Point Lisas port, always shipping out, not allowing any ships to come in—I have to make room to receive. Give and receive is the natural cycle of abundance. Refusing to accept good things blocks the flow and damages the cycle. We are all givers and we should also all be receivers. We cannot be solely one or the other.If I put out a request to the Universe for something then how can I then refuse to accept it when it comes back, because it might often comes back in a way that is different to what I requested and I don’t recognise my own request. I’ve learnt to let go and remain open because the Universe always says yes and Spirit got my back!!



  1. I love this one as it reminds me on some of the same lessons that I had to learn. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey thanks for the support on the blog! As you learn teach right??? Blessings my friend! Peace!

  2. This is great reading!! however you look at it.. yes! love is stronger than pride.


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