Truth is more powerful than doubt

Doubt - the result of trust and truth being brought into question. Lack of focus and committment that results in fear. The root of mental and spiritual weakness, leading to indecisiveness. A test of character.

How do you make decisions? Well here's the thing I 've learnt on this journey so far, make a decision in love, not in fear, follow your gut, listen to your inner higher self (Spirit) and believe. (Don't Doubt!!!!). Here's the other thing I've learnt, be careful where you plant your seeds when you decide, that means there are some fertile ground and there's some barren ground. The fertile ground represents your support crew, people who are honest and support you with love, then there's the barren ground, the naysayers, the ones who are for what you stand for at the time and not the ones who stand for you. I've learnt to be careful where you plant these seeds, I don't have to tell everyone what I've decided. Here's the other thing I've learnt, a decision is not a decision until you've taken action. Massive action, do it until it's done!

So what did I learn today?

Making a decision means that I  need willing to do whatever it takes, to have focus, faith, belief, courage and committment even though it seems like shit is hitting the fan! I learnt that things may show up differently than how I think it will look. End result is the key, there are different ways to get to the destination, be willing, be flexible. Keep the goal but be flexible in your approach. Have courage to stop the bus to put people off the bus or let a few on that look different to the ones that usually ride. Remain open there's more than you know going on.


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