Take off the garment of pride and ego

Surrender your thoughts, your anger, your fear, your resistance to not knowing, not being in control. Do not tell yourself you do not feel what you feel. Simply surrender it. The value of surrender is that you do all that you can do to the best of your abilities. When you get to that point, you let go. Know that the goal of the Universe is for your greatest good. Iyanla Vanzant

I always wanted to know what is going to happen, many of the difficult decisions I made have not been difficult at all I made them so by going over and over and over the options. The other thing I was concerned with was what would people say or think. I was concerned with that big time.

I have always had plans for my life, I wanted to be a qualified accountant by age 23, no matter what, I wanted a house on a hill in Port of Spain, to be married before age 24 and to have a huge library with books from the ceiling to the floor.  All of the above happened so I thought I had this life thing under control, I knew the formula make plans and work them. Everyone else who are not achieveing their dreams and goals was to me not driven at all, even lazy! Oh how I have learned to unlearn that!

Then I learned that life happens!!!
I am living the life and then it all literally falls apart, I am holding on for dear life doing whatever it takes to keep it all together so much so that I was dishonoring myself, accepting less than what I know I deserve. Why? the need to be in control!, Pride, Ego. Trusting only in myself and not in my higher power. Trust, accoring to Iyanla, is recognition that we are not in control, we cannot see all possibilities. If we resist or fear what happens or what is not happening we may in fact be limiting ourselves and the Universe's plans.

When I surrender I realise that Spirit got my back! and guess what, things sometimes turn out even more awesome that I could have ever imagined.

So what did I learn today?
I must take off the garment of pride and ego. I must shut my eyes to the past and the future. I must bring myself fully into the moment, allow myself to see and feel the naked truth, and then, without judgement or fear trust myself enough to know that whatever is about to take place will be good!


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