Freedom is an experience that money cannot buy

Freedom - a mental construct . The ability to know and live the truth. The ability to choose. A state of being without thought of confinement, restraint, limitation or oppression:having a sense of well being within which manifests itself in the outer world - Faith in the Valley

Today my country celebrates it's 50th Independence Anniversary. Its a pretty big deal that a small island has done this well! I'm proud to be a Trini! I give thanks and pay homage to the ones that came before me on whose shoulders who I now stand!

I have been to quite a lot of countries, I've seen the good and the great but nothing beats home! I cannot even describe the joy I feel driving or walking around the Savannah, seeing the hills surrounding me where ever I am! I was thinking today about freedom and what we take for granted. If we do not feel totally free then the question is why?
We allow labels and expectations to keep us in boxes and then we cry out for freedom. The things that we think will actually give us freedom usually keep us in bondage!

I've learnt that freedom requires consistent and repeated acts of courage. I must be courageous enough to do the things that I believe will help my country rather than follow the status quo, talk and complain- Complaining is praying to the devil! I've learnt that I can do my part to honor my ancestors who paved the way for me, I can give a little and it will go a long way, I can do what I can with what I have because talk is cheap and it just adds to the problem not the solution

Happy 50th Trinidad and Tobago


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