If your life had a name what would it be?

"What you name your life, what you call yourself, is what you will ultimately experience. I also know that if you call yourself or your life nothing, nothing is exactly what you will receive and experience" From the Book Tapping the Power Within

I am my own super hero, I am the designated Captain Awesome, I started saying and affirming to myself that I am totally awesome and a friend said to me you must be the Captain then? I ran with that! At first I was uncomfortable about it thinking that people will think I am arrogant or even crazy but then I remembered that I learnt that I am 100% self approved and I learnt that Marianne Williamson said we were not put on this earth to play small, it does not serve you or the world so I am now totally comfortable with it, I write my own story and I have learnt that thoughts are things so what I think manifests itself into my reality!

Sometimes I don't feel as confident as I would like. In those moments I call on my Superhero alter ego. When I have to do things that I am absolutely terrified to do I pull on my big girl pants and put on my big girl boots and turn into Captain Awesome. She is always ready to handle anything that I am not up for! She can transform the situation into calm and easy, confusion into clarity. And when I forget how awesome I am for a moment I step aside and let the Captain handle it!




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