Returning from the Ego Trip

So many times I define my pride Through somebody else's eyes Then I looked inside and found my own stride, I found the lasting love for me If I'm searching for my spirituality passionately I must begin with me There's just me... One is the magic number - Jill Scott

Yesterday I had another penny dropping moment. I just got it! Its funny how when you pay attention you do seem to really get it! From that I learnt that awareness is I-opening! I was thinking about the ego. I have been having a small battle with the ego for the past few weeks. Iyanla defines the ego as Edging God Out, a state of mind, a level of consciousness, she says the ego operates in the mind determining how we see the world. So edging God out is really making decisions based on fear and attachment. There's also the positive ego. The positive ego is what motivates us to comb our hair, brush our teeth etc. So here's how I realised that decisions were being made based on the negative ego, when I am attached to things and people, how I look and how I feel is ruling my decisions, the ego has started to run amuck .

When I feel that there is something or someone I must have in order to survive; when I do not trust myself and the process of life; when I am overly cautious, overly suspicious of people, situations and circumstances. When I am living my life to get things or, when things or people become the basis for I am seeing and valuing myself, I am ego tripping. Whenever I get stuck in concepts of good/bad; right/wrong; fair/unfair; more than/less than; should/should not, get myself in check! The ego is ruling my consciousness I am  headed for a fall.
That's my lesson for today!



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