Thoughts are things!

Every thought you think, every word you speak is a form of prayer. Why? Thoughts and words are an expression of your life force. Iyanla Vanzant from her book Tapping the Power

I couldn't get my head around that statement, thoughts are things, what you think about you bring about. I kept trying to make sense of that and then just as the Universal Law works when you put something out and you ask, consciously or unconsciously, you get an answer!

I was thinking about on a regular basis that I really do NOT have a steady income and that's not really "normal" I was thinking about how I "gave it all up" to take this journey. It was a constant thought and guess what? Things started to reflect these thoughts, I started "not having" and boy oh boy that was a scary and powerless feeling. So after doing some reflection I said ok I get it, I have been thinking of lack and scarcity and they are now manifesting itself into reality. This thought thing now makes absolute sense!
I started changing my thoughts, paying attention to it and replacing them when they show up lacking, its a process but I have been seeing results!

So what did I learn?

Your thoughts and your words must be consistent! A belief will keep you stuck in a situation afraid to move betond your perceptions. Your thoughts and words actually come to life. Pay attention to to what you think and you say!



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