How much is it worth to you?

There is no shortage of opportunity. The more you make use of the opportunities, the more opportunities you make. Opportunity does not get used up, no matter how many people make use of it. When opportunity is followed and fulfilled, it expands. Problems create opportunities. And then the solutions to those problems create even more opportunities. Ralph Marston

I'm always intrigued when I hear people say that there's nothing out there for them! I think to myself how in heaven's name can that ever be possible? I've learned on this journey to unlearn that. People tell me there's no job, no money, no breaks out there for them. Why would you ever ever think that is an option! That to me, is making a decision based in fear!

There is no shortage of opportunity, make it, make one, if there's not an obvious one staring you in the face! Entrepreneurs make the opportunities, the people who live the life of their dreams go out there and do something, massive action!! That's not to say that it will be easy but is the alternative of moaning and complaining any better!?! This is where faith and self belief comes in,  believing in your higher self.

Ok so I'm still questioning my Singapore hosts, she is now showing me how many young persons have started businesses, what worked and what did not work. And there was more that did not work. What fascinated me is what how they encouraged the ones whose businesses did not work the first time around to keep going, to try something new, to persist with so much support! Awesome. Why I ask? well isn't that part of the learning process? Sometimes you try something and it doesn't work the first time and we believe that this is no reason to throw in the towel. If everyone did that we wouldn't have the light bulb, the telephone, airplanes and I can go on and on. We support them and we even learn from them. Wow! Developing the right mindset from young is also key, pick up the pieces and move on, don't spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself. We are building a nation remember, we are developing a people who are excellent, who are equipped to deal with challenges, we are only a small country. I probably said wow more times than I ever did in a conversation, she must have thought that I couldn't speak English!!

This is what I thought about that conversation, this is what I learned
You cannot fail. You can resist, procrastinate, delay, deny, worry, avoid, but you cannot fail, do you hear me?  When you step out to do the thing you have come here to do and you are on purpose and following your passion, you cannot fail. You can create drama, you can bring along people who you know are not supposed to be on the bus with you, you can sabotage yourself, you can doubt yourself, you can undermine yourself, you can be disobedient, but you cannot fail. When you step out to do what to do what you are supposed to do you cannot fail. When you pursue your desire, your dream, your passion, when you do the thing that makes you tremble with joy and excitement, when you undertake it with a pure intention of bringing yourself joy you cannot fail!  You cannot fail! Believe that!!


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