All the way to the end!

Determination - do it for as long as it is required to get it done! Iyanla Vanzant

Have you ever started something and moving along with it and things just started going in a way that is way left of base? someone says to you "why do you continue, why not do it tomorrow?" How do you react to that question? Yesterday I was conducting an on line training session and the Internet decided that it was tired and kept shutting down. I've learnt to do what I do for as long as it is required for it to be complete because no one ever promised me tomorrow, most people who know me have heard me say that I work with and in the now, because now is all I have for sure!

In order to achieve your goals, tasks and dreams a very important quality is determination. There might be some casualties along the way but I've learnt this you can do anything and everything for a little while! Do it until it is done!

So what did I learn today?
I've learnt quite a few things about being determined and the key thing has been knowing deep down in your heart that you can get it done and you can do what is required for whatever length of time you need in order to get it done!
Determination - follow through until the end!
I've been told that Determination can be broken down into De = Of; Term = Length; Mination = Action


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