Speak from your POWER!

Power is at the root of the human experience. Our attitudes and beliefs--positive or negative--are all extensions of how we define and use power.' Caroline Myss

I love Caroline Myss, she is one of my favourite teachers on this journey. She talks  about how we don't use the power that we all have, we literally hold on to "wounds" because it gives us something to talk about, something to get sympathy from other people and to try to prevent ourselves from getting "hurt" in the future because of fear. One of the things she says is to focus on when someone asks you a simple question as "How are you?" do you speak from your power or do you speak from your past or your pain? Why do we not want to speak from a place of power? it seems strange for a person to be asked how are you and you speak from the power that you possess.

Think about it this way, your power which is your birthright, is money that you have or gain and when you speak from that other place, one of the past and the wounds, is money that  you spend. Every time you judge yourself or others, say you are stressed out, be negative and nasty you spend. What happens over time is that you spend everything and you have nothing left! What happens when you have nothing left to spend is that you have to borrow and that loan comes from your soul. You borrow and take from other parts of you and get ill! It is not advisable to spend all your power due to fear!

So what did I learn today?

What's the point in being so strong, but articulating oneself as weak, or chasing everyone away, and then wanting nothing more than to speak? What's the point in burning bridges, and then trying to find a way across, or celebrating a win that really is a loss? We all have power within us and the only way you don't have it is if you believe that you don't! Use it or lose it!


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