Dust and Jam

Everyone in your life plays an essential role in your development. Your challenge is to become mature enough to recognize and live by this truth. We cannot see the Divine purpose in a union that we CHOOSE to interpret negatively Caroline Myss author and teacher

Kampala is busy bustling, heaving, there is always “dust and jam”. That’s how they call traffic. The roads are not tarmac so they are really dusty. There is a heavy security and police presence, even in the supermarket I see big guns everywhere! So far everyone is quite friendly. I’ve been in “dust and jam” galore today!
So I have been assigned a host to help me settle in, very nice lady. On the first day I get into the apartment and go into the kitchen, shock and horror there is no microwave. I asked her, where is the microwave? She was in even more shock and horror than I was! She calls me Edwards, she says “Edwards, there is no microwave, you must cook”  Little did she know I’m better at eating than cooking. I said you don’t understand, a microwave is an essential part of my existence! She kept repeating the mantra “ Edwards there is no microwave, you must cook, come let me show you how to use this cooker”

I think I will be cooking! I will leave Africa with the cooking skill that has eluded me for this long! She is playing an essential role in my development and I decided to surrender! I haven’t cooked yet, but I did manage to turn the stove on, that’s a start!
So what did I learn today?
I said to a friend of mine that I am adjusting to the life I chose in Kampala, she said do you really feel you chose it or it chose you? Got me to thinking. We do not meet and become involved with people as the result of some random process. Each of us generates patterns of energy that attract particular people into our lives. Try to view your relationships as "spiritual messengers" bringing to you revelations about your strengths and weaknesses, and providing valuable lessons on your path to consciousness.



  1. What are the bathrooms like this time around?

  2. So far so good. I haven't ventured into the country side yet, when I do I will let you know how it goes!! Peace!


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