There's always a lesson

If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of fulfilling your intentions for health, wealth or loving relationships then you are creating an obstacle that will inhibit the flow of creative energy into your daily life. Make an internal commitment to respect yourself and to feel worthy of all that the Universe has to offer. Dr Wayne Dyer, best selling author and motivational speaker

So I'm spending the night in Dubai! Got here safely last night and will be leaving in the morning to fly onto Entebbe in Uganda!

I headed to the airport after deciding that I would take the minimum amount of stuff to last me the time that I will be there! Well as it happened the airline said to me very impatiently upon check in that I will have to leave at least ten kilos behind and can only take my laptop onto the flight. Needless to say I am thinking ok, how do I respond positively to this situation? People around me were in the same situation it was almost like the airline's mission that day and many of passengers were not happy!! There was a bit of shouting and swearing to say the least!
Took me two hours to shed the "load" and I was the last person that they checked in so now I am happily making my way onto the plane they stopped me and said ma'am you can't board the plane with your laptop and an extra bag you have to leave it or pay £280! I was like wha? that's almost another ticket! Your choice ma'am or you will not get on the flight!  Well honestly, I did not have £280 which I was beating up on myself for! I made two phone calls and got it - The Universe and Spirit always got my back! I thought about the situation on the flight and decided that something has to change in my thinking! It bothered me that I did not have that cash or that I did not arrange for the project to ship my stuff for me, that would have been the best solution! The great thing is that there is always a positive side, I got the cash I got on the plane and I am on my way. Things are going to change! Change your thoughts, change your life is what they say!

So what did I learn today?
Focus on the solution and don't hold yourself hostage to things that you didn't do, used to do, say you would do and didn't do! When you know better you do better! The best things about this life is you always can make another choice and everything is lessons that Spirit would have us learn!
Here's to the journey!


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