You alone are enough

As human beings we have a built in mechanism that doesn't want to be vulnerable, that doesn't want to look weak, that doesn't want to be wrong and says if I tell he truth about what I did or thought, it may make me wrong, make me look weak, it makes me vulnerable to criticisms and judgement and it means that I did something wrong and the ego doesn't like to be wrong, Ever!!! Iyanla Vanzant

Brutally honest confession here I thought that once I was a good person, paid my taxes did some charity work and worked hard I would be immune to "bad" things . I thought I MADE IT but I made that up! Made it meaning, the house, the car, the qualifications , the lavish life!

Life happens! I thought that I was immune! and I've learnt that you are not meant to fall apart when the challenges come! Reframe the issue, change how you look at it, learn the lessons, get the lesson and get out of the mess! Ego however comes in and says, listen you need to work harder, do better, you need to make it. I've learnt that the ego is never satisfied and fuels decisions based on fear not on love.

I had a funny encounter today I was minding my own business after an ICE session (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) and I received a random phone call from a woman I have met but I do not really know her that well. So she said let me take you to lunch, I said are you sure you have the right number? She said yes. This lady at lunch said to me I wanted to sit with you today because you are so calm and I wanted some calm in my life today! I was like wow! How did you get to calm? You've made it!! Well of course in my head I'm thinking what an absolutely interesting definition of I've made it!

I got to calm because I know that I know that I know that I will always be alright no matter what happens around me! It's an absolute awesome feeling! I am calm NOW because I learnt the lessons of feeding the ego, it never is enough! You always want more, need more, should have more, should be better, do better but I've learnt that I am enough! We are enough! there is nothing to prove to anyone but yourself!

So what did I learn today?
I used to have an innocent/ignorant desire to be perceived as some shade of 'perfect'. To show everyone that I made it, dishonouring myself unconsciously in the process.Believing then, that perfection was something that could be obtained via control. But that speaks nothing of the process of letting go. Becoming. Authenticity. Service. Now I understand the governing laws of magnetism and attraction and just being.



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