Be Overjoyed Over You!

Maybe too if you too would believe, you too might be overjoyed, over loved, over you! Stevie Wonder (one of the greatest singers and performers, period!)

She asked "how much do you love and honor yourself?" I stopped for a moment then on the defensive said what sort of question is that? of course I love myself? She said I did  not ask if you loved yourself I asked how much do you love and honor yourself? hmmmmm how do you answer a question like that? I will never ever forget this statement "when you love and honor yourself EVERY SINGLE THING you do comes from that place" I thought about it for weeks. Then I understood it completely, if I loved and honor myself I would eat properly, I would exercise, I would be authentic, I would act and make decisions from love! Not from what people thought, not from fear, not from outside opinion, society, nothing else but from that place of unconditional love of me!

So what did  I learn today?
The destruction of self-worth begins the moment we assign a value to something outside ourselves. The destruction continues when we accept the responsibility to care for and maintain something that has more "value" than we do.
Being a parent or spouse is not more important than being a whole, healthy being. Being a diligent and responsible worker is not more important than being a peaceful loving soul. Working hard to provide or take care of material possessions is not more important than taking care of your mind, body or your spirit. Anytime you place a value on anything or anyone greater than the value you place on yourself, you are engaging in an unconscious form of suicide.


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