Dying to be me

It is an act of self-love to stop hanging on to the way you think it is supposed to be. Susan Jeffers author of Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Yesterday I was having a fight in my head about what is supposed to be happening in my life right now. I am supposed to be more successful blah blah blah. This conversation in my head was going on for about ten minutes and then as what usually happens I become aware and I say to myself wait, what am I thinking here and as magic a message will be delivered from the Universe. So just as I was having that inward battle I was introduced to this woman who was literally on her death bed, they were ready to turn off the machine that she was hooked up to, and she survived. She had cancer which had spread throughout her body and the doctors told her there is nothing more than they can do for her and she would not even last throughout the night. She said right there when they said I would not last through the night I decided that I want to live! I'm like is it that easy? She DECIDED that she wanted to live!!!She says fear and people pleasing were one of the main reasons that she got ill! Hmmmmmmmm!!
Well I learnt before that there is nothing like a made up mind! So she is now alive and cancer free and sharing her story and this is what she says, which I thought was so awesome that I wanted to share it with you.

So what did I learn today?
"Always remember not to give away your power- instead get in touch with your own magnificence. When it comes to finding the right path, there's a different answer for each person. The only solution I have is to love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly. Our only obligation is to be the love we are and allow our answers to come from within in a way that is most appropriate for us" Anita Moorjani


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