Take it to the streets

Love lets in all the parts of our Self we are trying to keep out. Love destroys our illusion of separateness. Love understands that we are not this limited thing we believe we are, and that our brothers are parts of us; it constantly extends, giving and receiving, like a magnetic force drawing all the fragmented parts of the Self together again. ACIM

Have you heard about walking your talk? Well I heard a variation of that today and the way "my teacher" put it is "taking it to the streets" You see, she said  child you have been through some things, been to some places and done some things that many people you know or some you don't even know yet, that need to hear it and tell  the story in an empowering way.  Listen, many people will think you are stark raving mad but that's OK! but listen to me take everything that you've gathered, learnt and seen and "take it to the street". In order to make it real in your life, in order for you to walk the talk you have to take it and put it out there child!!! Oh boy!! I wasn't ready to hear that! I've learnt that I don't have to know everything there is, every answer, but I have to be ready to stand for what I know and not shrink away from it. Give it away as a gift, don't expect anything in return and judge no one. Walk with compassion and non-judgement!

 It requires another level of courage my child, because people will say "who is she" we can't even pronounce her name and when you show up looking different and sounding different people will think that's something is wrong with you. But you have got to show up with your courage and compassion because you have to walk your talk! but I have learnt that, I have to become a living embodiment of all that I  have learnt it is my responsibility!

So what did I learn today?
Just shine no matter what! Shine your light on yourself and let the rest handle itself! Shine on baby!




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