Humilty is recognition of truth!

When you set out on an ambitious path, there are plenty of things that might go wrong. Prepare yourself to deal with those possible pitfalls, but don’t allow them to become excuses even before they become reality. Ralph Marston

Lots of action today, went for a morning jog, my word it was another adventure dodging people, motor bikes, maxi’s and people! Felt good to run in the heat though! Attended my first staff meeting, that was decent. Big plans for the year!
Got some supplies for the power outages, next time I will be prepared, the power was gone all day today, I asked a guy when will the power be back he laughed so much at me! “Maam I cannot help you, it can be anytime” I started laughing too! I better get my head wrapped around this and fast!
I keep seeing over and over again how people get by with so little, things that I have taken for granted, things I feel that I am entitled to, that are basic. It’s not like that here well at least where I have been. Got me to thinking about how a sense of entitlement clouds the vision and the virtue of gratitude and humility. I am extremely grateful for every single thing now, and I have learnt that gratitude is the great multiplier, complaining is the opposite.

So what did I learn today?
Humility is recognition of truth. Your worldly accomplishments are a gift bestowed upon you by the universe. When you know that you actually do nothing and are simply a channel for the good, abundance, joy and peace that already existed before your birth to be rearranged to your preference you will be in harmony with life. The minute you buy into being the doer of anything you have taken yourself out of the flow and stepped back into ego thinking. Remain in a constant state of gratitude.



  1. Are there any book stores that sell interesting novels or other types of books that you can purchase to help pass the time, if you are at home during the day without any electricity?

    1. Yes there's quite a few! I have some here with me, however once its on a weekend Bamboo Shed here I come!!


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