Ideas are free Faith however has a price!

Get on with your own creative life. Ideas are free. They don't cost you a thing. You can live in the world of thought all the days of your life and never go broke.
You will also die unfulfilled, because an idea that never incarnates, that never becomes physical and grounded in this world, will eventually feel like the most painful burden you ever had to carry - one that you can never put down.
People who have had near death experiences report that there is indeed a life review that happens upon our death, and that a part of that life review is to make note of what could have been in our lives had we chose otherwise.
Falling into that category are all the creative opportunities the universe provided for us that we let fall by the wayside because our fears carried more authority within us than our faith.
Trust in the life support system that is inherent in your creative spirit. You will draw to yourself all that you need as you need it, but you must first be willing to risk it all."
- Caroline Myss, best-selling author & speaker.

Are you willing to risk it all to gain it all? I heard that last week and I was thinking about it since then. I was willing to risk some! but not all! I am still on the fence holding on to "stuff but I did give myself credit for the risk that I have taken to be here. Loving yourself unconditionally means accepting everything and then if the need arises to making another choice. Today the statement popped back into my head again. 

I must be willing to risk it ALL to gain it all and believe that things will be just as they are supposed to be. This past year I have learnt that things always work out, they may not go according to your plan or look the way you thought it would or planned, but they end up working out sometimes even better than you ever imagined, but the key to that is faith and belief! Once you know that you know it works out!

I've learnt that we all have faith, each and every person has that capacity to have faith but the difference is that some people put their faith in what they DO NOT want and that's called worry!
To be honest, I have no clue about what I will be doing next month around this time, all I know is that I will be somewhere in East Africa and I put my faith in it working out better than I couldn't have ever imagined. Some people call me crazy!

So what did I learn today?
Faith must inspire action. It alone cannot be verbal. Mental faith is insufficient. Faith is not believing, trying or hoping. It is knowing by which you do. Faith produces doers. Those who truly understand fewness of words and greatness of deeds. Faith is obedience to the urgings of spirit. It produces patience. It stifles the lust to complain and moan! Your life is the only true measure of your faith. We talk about faith, we want faith but we don’t want our faith to be tested. That’s how we get bigger on the inside. How many times have you said I can’t and I won’t and you DID!


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