Shifting Perspectives

When you don’t know how, take it upon yourself to learn. When you’re not sure what to do, work through your choices and your priorities until you’re able to aim your focus in a specific direction. Ralph Marston

Today I conducted and Innovation and Entrepreneurship session and its always interesting to me that after them I seem to end up learning much more than I ever imagined! I often wonder hmm I sure hope that I am imparting knowledge just as much they are to me. It should seem normal to me by now but I am always fascinated at how much knowledge there is out there that floats around. Yet many times we feel we know so much and operate and make decisions with the limited knowledge that we have. Then we wonder why the results in our lives are so skewed or out of alignment!

I've learnt that keeping an open mind is refreshing and to ask myself "what would you be without that thought?" Usually when I ask myself that question new choices emerge. Byron Katie in her work puts in brilliantly she says when you get into a situation ask yourself "is it really true?" meaning, is it not your perception of the situation that clouds your choice, do you really know if what you are dealing with is true beyond a doubt, and if its not then why worry? But when you rush in and don't know for a fact that it is true you make choices and decisions which are based on untruths and perceptions!

So what did I learn today?
What a thing it is to forget that one must remember to learn always. How else does one shift one's perspective from limited to open? From reactionary to responsive? From subjective to objective?What a thing it is to assume that graduations end at caps and gowns. How else can one transcend from knowledge to wisdom? Keep an open mind and know my way is never the only way!


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