What's the company you're keeping?

"Greatness is contagious...You'll catch it if you get around it." —Bishop T.D. Jakes

I've learnt that it is very important who you surround yourself with and to believe in yourself! Many times people around you give you advice and truth be told they, most times, give it with true love and concern for you but I have learnt that people who have't walk the walk cannot give you directions to the park! If you never took a risk, pursue a dream, movd out of your comfort zone how do you know? Most times its coming from a safe zone and far less for the naysayers, its mediocrity encouraging mediocrity!
I've also learnt that it is important to beleive in yourself one of my mottos is beleive in yourself or who's gonna? Dream for yourself or who's gonna?

So what did I learn today?
I should believe in myself. When I have an original thought, I should embrace it and make it known to others rather than reject it simply because it is my own and therefore unworthy.
When you are young, you are bold and independent; you assert yourself. You listen to the voice within and express yourself without bias and fear. But as you grow older, you surrender your liberty to society. You want to be like others, act like others. And so you suppress yourself. However, if I want to be happy, you must be a nonconformist at times. Unfortunately, though, we let others have too much influence over us.
Conformity turns your life into a lie because in living according to the will of others you are not being true to yourself. To conform, to please others, you put on a false face, smiling when in the presence of people with whom you feel uncomfortable or pretending to be interested in dull conversation. Time to show up and show out!! Peace!!


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