Almost doesn't count

Don’t get stuck in an “almost” life Tim Storey

This morning after running I thought about heading to the beach as it was early I thought it would be a good time to sit by the water and chat with Mother Nature a bit and then the little voice in my head started chattering, you're tired, stay home and eat, or even better go back to sleep! Then another voice,very quietly reminded me of what Tim Storey talked about living an "almost" life and it starts with the little things and the little things turn in to big things, so I jumped in the car and headed down to the beach, what a great decision it was, I felt relaxed and had a very lovely chat with Mother Nature. As I heading back to the car, I saw one of my favorite elder teachers, I call her Mumzy! Haven't seen her in a hot minute and we sat and chatted, which is always lovely because she downloads a lot of wisdom!
What did I learn today? Almost doesn't count, do it or shut it! How lame is it to say I almost went to the beach, or I almost went to run or I almost lived my dreams! Almost is an excuse when you know you can just get up and do it!


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