Do not waste your failures

 A come back is not a go back - Tim Storey

News flash! You cannot go back and fix things! You just can't! Life is always in session. Many times situations come to you as feedback, as communication as guidance as to what you might need to do, change or move. I will admit, I am a recovering "fixer"Boy oh boy, I wanted to fix things, as soon as something came up my mind would be racing how can I fix this? Many times it would involve going back! But I have learnt that I cannot go back! Forward, onward and upward. When you feel the need to fix ask yourself is this fear based? Am I ignoring the signs? What exactly do I want to fix?
Any and every successful person knows that challenges and failures come as part of the package and the decision is really how do I learn from this to take me forward
One of my best best lessons is that learning only takes place when my behavior changes! If I am still doing the same ole shit honey I haven't learnt a thing and class remains in session!

So, I have stopped my fix it mode, I look at the situation and ask what are you here to teach me? How can I use this to take me forward then I let go, trust, have faith and hope that I don't have to repeat the class! Surrender sounds like ahhhhhhhhh....



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