Dream big!

I think that what we want, we have to give to the world- kindness, tolerance, generosity,justice, even mercy. I would encourage you before you die you've done something wonderful for humanity. Maya Angelou

Saturday evening I was invited to talk to the St Philomen's Rising Star Youth Ministry! Quietly, simply they have started a revolution! They have vowed to encourage big dreams and bigger visions for the young people in the South of the island, I spent two hours with the young people in this group and it warmed my heart so much. It reminded me to dream big, to dream big to dream big....... Why have we stopped dreaming big? What is your reason? Mine is fear and "reality" well thanks to the time I spent with these young ladies and gentlemen that is over, I'm dreaming big, believing in myself and going for it- who vex lorse!

Do some dreaming today, and make it big!


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