Excerpt from Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?

you must be willing to lose it all before you can
have it all. 
What does this mean? It means that until you can let
go of everything, you will find it hard to hold onto
Detachment is the key. If you are so attached to
something that you are deeply unhappy without it,
then you are not simply attached, you are addicted
Neale Donald Walsh

Excerpt from Nyabo(Madam)- Why are you Here?

I met my favourite farmer; we were planning a road trip, to the border of Kenya. There was a place she wanted to show me where hybrid maize was grown.
“Nyabo, this place will make you smile, it is beautiful. It is a beautiful work. We go!”
“Yes, but it will be you and I alone, and you will drive.”
“How long will the drive be Prossy?”
“It will be all day Nyabo, we leave at 7 am and we get there by 7 pm. We will spend one or two nights if the roads are not ok. You will see waterfalls and hills that you will say ahhh Africa!”
“If the roads are ok?”
“Nyabo, the rains may not make the roads ok so we stay or drive slow, the last time I went I had to spend the night in the transport, we could not pass.”
“Prossy, this is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling, sleeping in the car, driving for an entire day! Hmm.”
“Come on Nyabo, you will be very fine!”
“Is there any Internet access there?”
“Nyabo? What are you asking me?  You people!”
“We go or not?”
“I need to see the emails and be in touch with the bank.”
“The bank?”
“Yes, they want to take my house.”
“Nyabo, you people talk a lot, who can take what is yours?”
“You do not understand Prossy but the bank is trying to take my house and I need to be able to have Internet access.”
“So if you have Internet access the bank will not take your house?”
“Then what?”
“Then I can communicate with them.”
“Nyabo, I do not know what you will achieve with Internet access or no Internet access for a few days. I do not know what you mean by someone can take your house, but this I know, no one can take what is rightfully yours, and if it is being taken it may not be yours, have you considered that?”
“But it’s mine, I bought it, I spent a load of money and sacrificed for it.”
“Does that make it yours?”
“Nyabo what is yours? We are all passengers on the bus, we get on and we get off, what is yours? What is yours is what is inside you.”
“We go to Kapchora and Mt Elegon? We go or we stay?”
“We go!”


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