Now is all I got - For Sure!

Two Truths About Time

We all have the same amount.
You cannot create more.

There are infinite ways to do thing called life. It’s miserable to try to endlessly cram things in; it’s joyful to pare back.
You actually have plenty of time, if you get clear on what you desire most. Kate Courageous

Hey peeps I’m touching base as promised. On the journey over to Georgia, I re-read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, one of my absolute favourite tools. I must have read this book about 4 times already but I felt I needed a reminder of being present in the moment and of the importance of presence. Now is all I ever have, this moment and presence is the awareness of that. How freaking awesome is that? To be reminded that each and every moment is to be savoured, each and every moment is to be present. I have been focusing on the future and neglecting  and missing the now so this was a great reminder and here is what happened with my reminder, everything just suddenly started to made a difference. The sounds I heard, the people I met and the feelings I felt, less anxiety about what will happen or what should happen in the next few days on this book tour and less mad reflection of what happened in the past.
So here I am in Hotlanta Atlanta with my gracious hosts, I’ve never met them before but it’s been a connection like family! Giving thanks! I have been more present in conversations, in looking at the beauty of my surroundings and focusing on where I am at presently
Straight onto the planning of the week’s activities over dinner! Listen, take it from me, anything is possible with faith, persistence and putting in the work! Be present today!
Thank you for being a part of my journey



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