Heartfelt gratitude is a key to abun- dance.

Heartfelt gratitude is a key to abun- dance. It unlocks the great resources of the Universe. Diana Cooper

Usually when I have book events there are people around me who assist me and allow me to focus on just that, showing up and doing what I am supposed to do! When I am out of Trinidad I have two people on "Team Akosua"
In Trinidad, "Team Akosua" is different I ask my mother and my aunt and other members of my family. For this upcoming book they are all out of the country and truth be told I was panicking before I sat still and asked the Universe to guide and calm me down. 
Just as I did that I was guided to my Goddess friend Erica. I asked her for her assistance and boom! Its a whole new "Team Akosua"! Listen, the Universe never ever ever leaves a void, it is also self correcting! When something leaves your life, something enters and usually it is something just as or even more awesome, once you pay attention and are open and willing! There is never anything to fear! When you feel you are losing something, you really aren't! Trust that, I know it for sure. Our ego tells us differently, we want to be right, we feel we are being disrespected, we make up stores- yadda yadda yadda. Let go.

When something happens that appears to be a mistake, it is and will eventually be self correcting , it leads you to the lesson! So I reminded myself of that and here I was  earlier today smiling away sitting next the Goddess  who was radiating her charm at the book store!
The Universe loves us and wants the best for us, listen to it, listen to the whispers and take action. Make a move and be grateful for all the love that is here for you! Believe that. You gotta do the work and listen. 
Giving thanks for my Goddesses!


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