Choices and its Consequences

Every situation, every condition and every circumstance present in your life today is the consequence of choice you made or did not make; a thought you held and the words you have or have not spoken. A consequence is what unfolds in relationship to how you do or do not honor your intentions and commitments.

It is the result, outcome, effect, ramification and the aftermath of everything you think, feel, say and do. In many cases, you may also face a consequence for what you choose not to do. Your life today is a function of what you did or did not do yesterday. Your life tomorrow, next week, next year and for the next 3, 5 and 10years will be a reflection and a consequence of what you think, say, do and/or fail to do today. Iyanla

I saw my grandpa (Daddy) yesterday, for the first time since 2005. Daddy and I were a team! I was his first born grandchild and he never let anyone forget or told anyone who was willing to listen or not listen even, until people would come up to me randomly even and say "Your grandfather, girl the man needs to stop it about you!" 
He would pick me up from school three times a week and I would hang with him sometimes until it was time to go home, I would go to his house for Christmas holidays and spend a few days, when I moved to London and I came home to visit we would sit on his porch and talk for hours! And then boys started coming around me! Daddy did not play! He would say "Kous bring them all here before you entertain them" I would laugh and ignore him but if he sees me out and about with them there would be a stern talking too!  

I was going to get married, I called Daddy he said "Kous I never sat and asked that young man his intentions and you are getting married to him, I want to sit with the both of you" I told him not too worry Daddy I will be fine. And he was upset, he came to the wedding and then I moved away and our relationship changed, When I did go to see him with my new husband he said to him in front of me "young man you have no god or good intentions where my first born beautiful grandchild is concerned I know it and you know it" Boy oh boy I was embarrassed and vex, and my husband at the time said "Daddy needs to mind his own business" another sign I ignored! And that was it, I just let the relationship with Daddy die. 
So after that, feeling embarrassed that Daddy was right about the lack of good intentions I chose to ignore him when my marriage went bust, and just never visited him, called him, nothing! 
My mother always said to me, "please go and see your granpa he is grieving that you are not talking to him" I never answered her!

I got to the home yesterday in which Daddy is now living, as I walk in the front door I see him sitting there, looking so healthy, well dressed, handsome as ever. He sat there singing and tapping his hands on the table. He looks up at me and smiled, I bend over to kiss him and he stops me and asks " Do I know you? You don't look familiar" 

I stood there feeling so stooopid! Ok yes they told me he was sick and that is why he now lives in a home, but he looks so normal, so healthy, so like Daddy I knew who was always active.
"Daddy it's Kous"
"Kous? Oh that name sounds familiar, sit next to me let us talk"
I sat down next to him and as the tears was rolling down my cheek he said you look well I don't know you but I am glad you came, let us be happy now because you are here.

Unfinished business leaves you with power leaks, it drains your system of the power you were born with, unfinished business takes you away from the present moment, you take the unfinished business with you into the now and that is a recipe for repeating the same things over and over. Dealing with it clears the way for blessings to flow, the temporary pain or discomfort will pass but after that oh the feeling is sweet and light. Deal with it! 

It felt good to see Daddy again, I cannot go back and fix it or change it but I have now and its all good! Power leak plugged, I'm powered up!! Boom!



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