Make an oath - a mind shift

And we start as we mean to carry on
This positive vibration is cleansing
And let this be the focus
Not what drew you from your center
But your ability to return there
Peaceful and Power Filled "Who Jah Bless, No Man Shall Curse, Thank God, We're Past The Worst"

Natalie Stewart

one of my best teachers on the journey said to me that my belief system will reflect on the outside, meaning what you believe about everything will show up in your life. Sort out the beliefs and only you can do that. And then she introduced me to an Oath of Manifestation to read it and believe it! 

That Oath is a mind shift,  and the thing that I learnt is change your mind, change your life! I guess I can explain it like affirmations on caffeine! But the key is believing!

So what is it for you that you can do to have a mind shift? Because it all starts with you. If you do the same thing daily you will get the same results, nothing will change, start small do a small thing different every day! That starts building courage and discipline and consistency, start small, the small things turn to the big things.


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