Every moment is an invitation to show more compassion

We all just need to be more loving. Every moment is an invitation to show more compassion, to be a better version of ourselves. It’s simple enough, of course, but not always easy. Any moment we get it right, though, is a moment when we help enlighten the world. Iyanla

 Went off the beaten path today before my first radio interview. I visited a shelter, they feed the people on the streets presently without a home,provide them with medical attention and get this, a place where they can collect their mail/post!
I asked the lady, " A place to collect their mail?" She said let us not forget they are human only without a place to live. It made me stop and think, we are all humans, we are all people and a little bit of compassion goes a long way, who knows? we don't know what everyone's story is. Changing the way I describe this brings a different perspective. They are presently without a home, rather than they are homeless. Yea, a total reminder that we all have a story, we are all on a journey and anything can happen along the way for the lesson to be learned as all things are lessons that God will have us learn.

Ok just on a different note altogether...
Running is a great way for me to see my new surroundings, I decided to take a run this morning, I was able to see the place from a different perspective, the trees, the small pond, the grass, the people.  Get the vibe of the place! and the vibes can't done....

One book reading and book signing event this morning followed by my second radio interview this afternoon! It's all good!



  1. Very true, empathy and compassion is a basic need, i feel. nice post, thanks of sharing, Edwards


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