Focus on the good

If you pay more attention to what's wrong than what's good, you will lose out on a lot of goodness. Terry McMillan

What you focus on grows, that is  a Universal Law. Choose to focus on the good! That is not to say to ignore danger and be a walkover doormat! That is to say look for the good and focus on it, there is good everywhere I strongly believe that. People do their best with what they have, information, knowledge and upbringing. The thing is when you know better you do better! 

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are around people who moan all the time? It's like they stick a pin in your balloon and drain out the air! It is a call from them unconsciously for love and light! (You can send love and light from afar!) 

I have been absolutely privileged to meet and work with women who despite the odds chose to see the good and guess what it even feels good to see the good.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give an address at the UNESCO Programme Building Female Leaders in the 21st Century and it reconfirmed to me that there is so much good out there and what I choose to focus on will grow! I like "goodness"!
So here's to you having a good day!


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