Question some of the rules

Life becomes stagnant when people protect their stored issues - Michael Singer

What are the rules you have or have been given about living and life? And do you know why you have or were given these rules?
Some of my house rules growing up were:

"No, we don't speak about that around your father"

" Our family are strict Catholics, there will be no going to small church"

"Women and men have special roles"

I never ever thought about why these were the house rules! I never even questioned them. They were automatic, passed down and really,they were law in the house and the tribe!

When someone asked why, like my brave cousin who was very outspoken, there was no answer or it was its just the way things are done round here!

There is never ever one way to live, nope sorry there isn't and I have learnt that if you live by some of these 'rules"  it may allow for little or no joy, enthusiasm, spontaneity and excitement that is a hell of a boring life! It closes you up to new ways of seeing things!

Question some of the "rules" sometimes, some you may accept and keep, some harm you and need to be questioned, challenged and in some cases dumped!



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