What is the quality of your intent?

If its Spiritual, factual, beautiful, political, something to roll to, let it be, whatever it is let it be, let it be, let it!

Maybe I’ve been trying to be what they need of me, Be. When I should’ve just been me. Why? Whatever it is let it be, let it be, let it!  Jill Scott

I wanted to know more about what an intention is. Mainly because a number of the teachers I met on the way spoke to me about setting intentions and I was a little unclear, then I was talking to my cousin, who is really more like my sister as we grew up together in the same house and she said to me " You know Kos, my word for 2015 is intention" so  I decided to do some research and came up with this definition from Malika Chopra who is doing some excellent work on spreading the word adn meaning of intentions, she says, 
" Intents come from your soul – they are who and what we aspire for in our life. Intentions reflect ones purpose, what gives us meaning or significance. Intentions come from a place of mindfulness, of knowing what will give us happiness and peace. An intent is any goal you plan on accomplishing to achieve that happiness and peace."

Awesome stuff and some key things there that spoke to me:
1. it comes from your soul - that place of infinite possibility
2. it reflects one's purpose - so basically I need to be clear on what my purpose is
3. What gives me meaning and significance- do I know, have I spent the time to connect and know what it is?
4. It comes from a place of mindfulness and therefore suggest to me that it is not random.
5. Happiness and peace - your intent ought to bring you happiness and peace ultimately!!

So, my intentions how I set them are extremely important and setting an intention paves a path for me to act in a way which promotes happiness and peace and coming from that place its all good!

Simply start with the phrase “I intend to” and fill in the rest with what your heart wants most



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