Stop Giving Away Your Power!

Thus you are giving away your power when you please others in order to fit in. Or when you follow the opinions of the crowd. Or when you decide that others matter more than you do. Or when you let someone who seems to have more power take charge of you. Iyanla Vanzant

The past few days have been a super duper classroom of sorts for me! The book tour packed in a diverse set of places which allowed me to see a variety of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. I have never spoken in an Anglican church before, nor have I been at a Chamber meeting to talk to business leaders but what I have learnt is that people are people everywhere you go, we are all connected by our experiences and stories and as the Course of Miracles say - there is only one of us here! At every event the stories remained the same, how do I balance the fear of not making it with the responsibility of taking care of myself and my family? And here's the thing, love and fear cannot co-exist in the same space! Love heals everything- every. single.thing! No exception!

The Episcopal Church were great hosts, the TnT Association of Georgia were lovely hosts!! 

The Women of Atlanta have also been so wonderful! Two more days and on to another journey!!!
Giving thanks


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