Having the best things is no substitute for having the best life

"Many times we insist on having all the best things because that's the only way we can ensure "quality of life" for ourselves. I can neglect myself in every other way, but if I have the best watch or the best pocketbook or car or square footage, I get to tell myself I'm the best and how much I deserve to have even more of the best. 
What I know for sure: Having the best THINGS is no substitute for having the best LIFE. When you can let go of the desire to aquire, you know you are really on your way" Oprah Winfrey

Having had a lot of "things" and having lost them, having lived in countries where quite a number of  those same "things" do not matter one little bit now plays a tremendous part in the choices that I make and many times these are unconscious choices. I have lost my desire to buy and get things, I sometimes do not even think about it, the downside of that is there are times I make decisions that seem crazy and maybe they are. I was thinking about it this morning how things play a huge part in the lives we lead to prove to the world that we are fine, that we are okay. and get me, I am not knocking nice things, I love nice things. I am saying that at what cost do we acquire the things, do we use the things to validate us yet we are crying or dying inside! One of my teachers asked me can you kiss the certificate you have? can it give you a hug? So yes, the certificate is important however put it in context! Use the certificate to assist you in having the best life and acquiring things will not equate to you having the best life



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