Take the limits off

We’re all scared of the new. Shy and reverent. Reverently shy. But jump. Fall in. Danielle La Porte

Dear Akosua
I know that you
You have hopes and dreams
Oh yes you do.
And you have goals, that you want to achieve.
And I hope that you,
I hope you know by now 
That you can have everything you want.
Everything you need
If you take the limits off of me.
There is no limit to, what I can do.
I'm trying to get through to you.
Say IT, without doubt
And have faith in me.

Because there's nothing
Impossible to believe

If only you would learn to put
Your trust in me.
Put all fear aside
And you will see.

Signed, and your's always God (Universe, Buddha- call me what you want)



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