3 out of 4 ain't bad!

"It’s hard to get what you never ask for.” Cheryl Forde
Day 4 in SVG, quick highlights and why I am proud of me:

1. The electricity went at the place I was staying, I didn't bat an eyelid- oh well! Sleep will be early! it came back in an hour.
2. My ride to the Diamond Village Council Meeting which was scheduled for 3 never came and had to be rearranged as the people were waiting for me, eventually I got there at 5 and I didn't bat an eyelid
3. Had to walk home from the Ministry meeting - more taxi woes - didn't bat an eyelid
OMG this making friends with reality is awesome! My eyelids remain in tact!
So what kicked me was when I the power returned, no wifi, I started screaming! LOL! 3 out of 4 ain't bad I said to myself!!
Off to Bequia Island tomorrow I am so excited!


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