Affirm: I am health

Wellness and the state of being healthy becomes a personal goal maintained by personal mantras and fuelled by personal beliefs. And I for one don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I may possibly prefer it, as this wellness is a self determined wellness. This is a state of being healthy that is beyond trend and fad and buzzword. This wellness is self aligning and ancestrally defining. It is the product of an implosion of internal interactions, initiating inner-standing and self centering communication. Mummy always said, if you can’t hear, then you must feel. And this is the truth. If one cannot listen to the messages of the mind, body and soul, then one will simply have to feel what it is, that is attempting to be communicated. Natalie Stewart

One of my favorite ladies, Lisa, said last year that it was time for her to be healthy, and she was committed to it. Now Lisa to me was healthy, she had gained some weight but she was carrying it well! But what she said resonated with me, she said the weight was brought about soley by her thoughts about her self. She called it the inner workout, listening to her body and paying attention to her feelings, she said "I didn't lose weight because I don't plan on ever finding it again" Lisa lost 50 pounds (who knew she had 50 pounds to lose? I sure didn't!) in 3 months by simple exercising, eating less and paying attention to her feelings, then taking the appropriate action. She looks super fantastic, confident and full of life.
I  was inspired by the approach. Inner and outer alignment, paying attention to feelings and taking action, being gentle with yourself when you fall off the wagon.
and most importantly letting go of everything toxic, inner and outer!
Thank you Lisa for sharing your journey.


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