With everything you know what would you do?

"So this time I can apply all that I've learnt. Knowledge that I can observe with an open hand. The ancestors whisper to me, with everything you know now, what would you do differently? With everything you know, what will you do?" Natalie Stewart (one of my fav poets)

"When you know, or when you have learnt, your behavior will change, until then, you haven't learnt nor do you know so don't tell me that you know because when you know you act like you know" I have heard this a few times on my journey and I would just smile and say "ok ok, I heard ya" Now it is making more sense to me because when you find yourself repeating the old patters, in the same circumstances over and over again and you keep saying "Yes I know I need to ......" it really signals that you seriously don't know or haven't fully grasped that hey, this behavior is not getting me to my goals, not healthy, not leading to my highest self, and so on and so forth.

So here's the thing, when I realize that I am heading down that road of doing the same crap or making the same decisions in fear, I stop immediately, just stop it, dead in my tracks and ask "With everything I know what would I do differently?" and then I move. Sometimes it works a treat and when it does I feel proud, when it does not and I fall back into the old patterns I forgive myself, stop and move on keeping the question to the forefront of my mind. No time to beat up on myself!

Can you identify with me here?
This usually happens to me in relationships, when they are not going as I want them to go, especially with guys, OMG, the question is on repeat! Loop! As we say here, my road march! I'm telling you, it's been like that! To be honest, it's the knowledge that I am enough, that I do not have to bargain with anyone to like me, that I show up as me and that is all I accept people's decisions and not try to force them to see how awesome I am, if they don't see it, that's ok, moving right along. Bless em and move on!
Pay attention, every choice gives you a chance to pave your own road, keep moving, keep learning then act like you know!


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