Making it happen

In novels — as in life — there is no perfection. We do the best we can with the tools we have at our disposal. Given that we are changing, the tools are changing, the thing itself is changing — there must be a moment when we stop. When we say, This is the best I can do for now… There is nobility in the effort, courage in the dailiness — the doggedness. It is a process of trying and failing. Of beginning again. Dani Shapiro

I had the distinct privilege to be asked to do a feature presentation for the Pink Diamond Ladies of Tobago, a group of young dynamic women doing some awesome awesome work out there in the lovely island of Tobago with young women like themselves! It was such a pleasure being there yesterday, firstly Tobago is a pearl, what a lovely island, I always feel so relaxed when I touch down and walk off the plane with the  coconut trees surrounding me and the beach breeze blowing as the beach is opposite the airport

The ladies wanted me to talk about what it takes to make it happen. "It" being achieving their goals and dreams and making both themselves and Tobago by extension a better place
I thought it was an interesting topic as it falls into the whole notion of service and giving back, I told them here's the deal, I will share some of my own stories and then we can discuss how I made my "it" happen, keeping in mind that it is an ongoing process

Making it happen involves encouraging yourself, not everyone will encourage you on your journey, to make it happen some of you have to pat your self on your own back. Those who are for you will be for you, those who are not bless them and move right along.

Making it happen involves having a vision.
A  vision is a call to your higher self, creating a future state with creativity and imagination, one you can see, feel and touch before it is even manifested in reality.

Making it happen involves a strong  NO, this is where the intuition comes in handy, you know you want to say no as it does not sit well in your spirit in your soul.
When you don’t have a strong NO you have a weak yes. You take on more than you can or want to people please, to look good,you start becoming resentful and ineffective.

Making it happen involves placing no limitations on yourself.
It involves being uncomfortable- think about it, things happen when you are uncomfortable, you move, you act.
It involves facing uncertainty – knowing that uncertainty in no way means that things are out of control, you may not have control but things are not out of control.

Making it happen involves letting go of the so called need for perfection

Making it happen requires you to be authentic, to remove all the masks, to stop being fake, to show up as you every single time.

Are you ready? Are you willing?
To make it happen?


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