Power Up..

For all the times you were quiet about deception and disrespect, quiet about the life force that was being syphoned from your generous nature. Speak your power into fullness. I call all of my power back to me now. I am whole and complete. Danielle La Porte

Power- what does that mean to you?
The word is bandied about a whole lot, power trip, power struggle, power cut, power hungry and many of the add on's have an edge to it that suggests a fight or a battle. 

Power for me is personal, yea I said it, I have my own personal power, I was born with it! and so were you! Each and every one of us. Some choose to use it and some choose not to, some are unaware that they have it and some just don't give a damn. 

My personal power is how I am willing to be, what I am willing to do to preserve and  enhance my dignity, self esteem and integrity! I learnt that working in Uganda! Some might say that I learnt it a tad bit too late! but I digress

Personal power - It is my ability and capacity to direct the energy of my life in a positive way in order to create and experience all that I desire.

No fighting, no battling, no struggle just a level of self belief, authenticity and courage! Yea sometimes it gets tough and I forget and act from a different space and then the Universe sends me a message. If I pay attention I get back on track as quickly as I can when I don't well the message comes in a way that I must pay attention, unfortunately that may be pain or a challenging situation! 

So as Danielle says, when you are in the shit storm, call your power back, you are whole and complete.



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