Feel. Feel it All!

When you’re cut off from your emotions, they often manifest in your body Dr Christiane Northrup

I think one of the best lessons I have had is "Akosua, feel it, feel it all, everything" 

I  now know that feelings are a guide, a great source of information, inspiration and guidance. Running from them, numbing them, dismissing them will keep them coming back and the whispers will then become shouts which you cannot ignore through illness, depression, and many other symptoms.
Humans want to avoid pain, or what we think will cause pain, we want to avoid discomfort, uncomfortable situations and feelings, this is par for the course! 

Feel it, let it pass through you, it's really ok!

Ask your feelings before you take a pill, a drink, a partner, a pull, a shot

What are you trying to tell me?
What am I missing?
What is it I need to pay attention to?
Where do I need to slow down or speed up?
Who do I need to forgive?

Then wait and listen to the response


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