No more thinking, action time..

Are you afraid to face the darkness of something new? 
Do you want to know everything right now and be able to see what is before you?
Well just imagine if the Creator had waited for a model to shape the world. Who? What? Where would you be today?
When facing something new surrender the desire to be in control, have faith. (from the book Acts of Faith)

The passage above, I read that this morning, I was sitting outside on my porch eating a mango and reading and randomly (ok ok not random, there is no random!!) let me rephrase, I did not specifically chose this to read out of logic. I picked up the book and opened it and there it was. Exactly what I needed to read at this point.
I have been thinking, well overthinking really about a launching a service and it's been beating me up! no amount of boxing training has been helping me to win this fight.
I want to know
I want to know
I want to know
how will it be?
Will it work?
Will I work it out?

well let me declare, today I have decided. My life coaching service will be launched. Come October 2015, look out for it, have faith, surrender, let go, and shine...
stay tuned....


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