Adventures on the ferry

don't try to "figure it out." Stop it. Just focus on
what you now wish to create. Keep moving forward.
There's nothing behind you that can possibly serve
you better than your highest thoughts about tomorrow.
Neale Donald Walsh

I was told that there are 32 islands off the main island and before I leave I ought to go visit one of them! No one had to tell me twice today I hopped on the ferry and went to one of them called Bequia.
I must admit I did not prepare, I had a free half day and I thought here we go, now is all I have!  When I got there I was like hmm Prepare for what? Show up and magic happens!

I spent a day on the island of Bequia I saw the entire island in one day,6000 population and pretty as ever, ate some fresh fish at the beach, sat and watched boats, watched  people and marveled at the beauty of the place and grateful for the opportunity to see somewhere new!

Ok so here's the lesson, I am on the island, enjoying the vibes and then these thoughts start flooding in like a tidal wave, I decided to let it wash over me, what was trying to get my attention, I invited them in and came up with this.....
whatever it is, love you believe
leave it on the table. But keep it in your heart. Focus not on what you're leaving behind but on what you're taking with you.
Keep connecting. Keep experiencing. Love left and lessons won is anything but lost.


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