Food Fest

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” 
― Ruth Reichl

I was tempted by the food! I had just finished eating a huge plate of grilled fish and they come out with a bowl big like the island steaming and smelling good! What's this?
 It's for you to get strong!
 I kept saying , no, no thanks, I'm good. Ha!  seems like I was speaking a different language.

Inside the bowl was fish, ground provisions, ochros, vegetables, corn meal dumplings and it seems another thing they could have found in the kitchen! OMG the thing is addictive! Tasted divine and then I couldn't move too full up with all the good stuff! Welcome to SVG!!!

Food made with love is a joy! Having a good meal is like a prayer!

I must admit I struggle with the food thing, apart from fruits, I don't really bother too much about anything else, I love watermelon, I eat it everyday wherever I am in the world. Food, days can pass and I would be eating bread or whatever is close and easy so I know that these few days will be a food fest! Looking forward to it, if only I had 2 humps like the camel I would save it for when I leave!

Back to work!


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