Allow me

Our only job when the distractions come, and come they will,
is to keep a laser focus on that which we desire. We
must move toward that desire with a ferocious
love and let absolutely nothing turn us away.
Obstacles and trials will come
Who will you be in the face if it?
Candace Ifama Barnes

·         Allow me to accept that sometimes I will not make the best choices and decisions and to remember I can always choose again.

·         Allow me to accept that what I thought I had learned may need to circle around again until I actually understand the learning.

·         Allow me to accept everything just as it is right now, even the darkness.

·         Allow me to accept and release with love all that doesn’t serve me now so I can make way for the new.

·         Allow me to accept that I can’t produce my work of tomorrow this day, to embrace what I know now, and remain curious and open to learning about what I don’t.
  • Allow me to accept that I am the only one who can walk through the doors that are open and waiting for me.
  • Allow me to accept that I may still speak before I think at times, then wish I hadn’t, allow me to own my apology and offer it when it’s necessary.
  • Allow me to accept that I may fail, I can choose to fall hard or choose to fall with grace, I’ll be landing anyway, how I land will determine how I get back up.
  • Allow me to accept that I am not done yet and I have a long way to go, I don’t need to know the whole journey to be on it.
  • Allow me to accept that everything is happening in perfect Divine timing, even if I don’t fully understand what that means.
  • Allow me to accept being happy over being right
  • Allow me to accept that not everyone is vegan, and when people tell me they like their meat still mooing, remind me not to judge
  • Allow me to accept that curiosity never killed any cat.
  • Allow me to accept Love over Fear, always.

Thank you Dawn Moxie for the brilliant reminder that the journey continues and to cut myself some slack!


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